Arrestations de hackeur WiiU/PS4


Selon une source anonyme, il semblerait que des équipes de hackeurs console Wii U et PS4 auraient été probablement arrêtées.

Cette information n’est pas confirmée et a été annoncée par MeSonySpy. Il semblerait que ce soit suite au dévoilement des informations confidentielles de hackeurs que la police aurait utilisé ces infos pour remonter jusqu’à eux, et notamment Hykem, dont certains d’entre vous attende(aient) de grosses nouvelles de sa part.

Normally, you heard of raids by FBI / ICE or BND after a device like PS Jailbreak or keys get published, but this time groups have been taken down before they can finished their work because of e-fame

Recently, there been alot of news in the PS4 scene, with leaked releases of ‘Bad IRET’ by CTurt and updates to KEXEC by fail0verflow, and even news of possible PS4 Jailbreak called USB Whistle and before that movement in the Wii U scene with released of ‘keys’ by Hykem and loaders like ‘loadine’, but all that has now come crashing down the hill due to e-fame and hackers trying to outdo other hackers for larger Twitter followers and fame, and bigger limelight, and without knowing it they tipped over their own Titanic running it directly into hands of FBI, ICE, Interpol and BND.

As we have recently thanks to MeSonySpy and his anon. sources, uncovered a major International Raid that is still on-going that is involving a number of known public hackers like Hykem and many others that had recently been publicly doxxed by ak47 (Stuart) whom was even selling internal private info to highest bidder on underground dark website, and maybe even indirectly to actual police or gaming companies themselves.

Although some people like Geohot got away in end from their trouble with Sony, most people chasing e-fame and being public about hacks do end up having trouble. Hackers that really contribute to the scene are generally anonymous teams, we are going to following this story as it breaks wide open, posting up more details of court records and search warrants like we have in past when public hackers like SonicISO and SuperDAE got raided over their selling of stolen Xbox One devkits.

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